Sollevatori elettrici Levante


Minilifters by LEVANTE offer a unique solution for all the needs there may be in a company. With one minilifter one can move boxes, lift moulds, position minipallets, etc., simply by replacing the equipment. Minilifters by LEVANTE are highly customisable, also in terms of colour! So now you can have several lifters in your company with coloured frames based on the sector they operate in. Our standard colours are blue (Ral 5005), green (Ral 6024) or dark grey (Ral 7021), though upon request we can produce a number of other colours. The range of minilifters by LEVANTE deploys NewBingo, CLEVER, BINGO S, BINGO XL and BINGO SC, etc., check them all out!


Levante Srl was founded in 1994 and a few years later started the in-house production of mini lifters to which this website is dedicated; machinery that has always been manufactured using components produced in Italy or Europe. Our range of mini lifters offers a unique solution for the various  needs which occur within a company. With just one machine, you can handle boxes, lift moulds, position mini pallets and a whole lot more, simply by replacing your equipment. The colour of all the mini lifters can also be customised (in addition to the standard blue RAL5005, green RAL6024 or dark ... »