Minilifter Handy: small manual lifter

The small and practical manual lifter for any kind of need

We have introduced the new Handy manual lifter to meet requests from our dealers, who increasingly often ask us for a small, manual, practical forklift with a compact design to move small parcels. Handy is the ideal solution to contain costs and meet new regulations about safety in workplaces that do not involve manually moving parcels weighing more than 20 kg (see the full regulation).

min BINGO SAlso Handy has a universal accessory-holder plate on which one can fit standard accessories or produce special equipment upon request, like rotating forks to mount electrical components on plates, thereby turning it into a sort of height-adjustable workbench.

The maximum capacity is 100 kg, which guarantees maximum practicality. It is also fitted with 4 castor wheels, two of which have a brake and foot protection.

The colour, height and kind of spoke can be customised according to needs. Handy and its accessories can also be supplied in an AISI 304 stainless steel version.



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Handling of coils in a medical environment

min mini lifter handy speciale One of our dealers carried out a price inspection on his client who needed a lifter for handling TNT coils and other delicate materials.

The coils are small with a maximum weight of 100 kg, but must be handled in restricted and limited spaces....


Mini lifter to feed unwinding machines

manual mini lifter Handy with frontal cradle During an inspection at a company that produces adhesive tapes and plastic films, our dealer, accompanied by our agent, met the need to continuously feed the unwinding machines. 

In fact the customer works in a continuous cycle and has the need to always keep his operating machinery...