HANDY PLUS: the manual lifter for all needs

The new manual lifter with capacity up to 500 kg, with different kind of pump.

min sollevatore manuale bingoplus bobHANDY PLUS is a manual lifter with capacity 500 kg, ideal for the transport of coils or for the positioning of various materials, such as molds, movable components of labeling machines and so on. Lightweight and easy to handle can be equipped with lever thus providing the ideal solution foot pump or pump for any needs. In its basic version, the elevation is of 780 mm.

It is possible to choose the hydraulic pump with foot pedal or with tiller or with lateral lever, to grant to the operator the possibility to adapt the lifter to the real needs of the user.

Handy Plus is the perfect answer to all inquiry of light material handle, like reels, coils, mold, samples, boxes, cases or else.

The universal plate allows to add or change different tools as forks, nylon, wooden or metal platform, rollers or balls tables, spindle with or without rollers, arm with hook, frontal or longitudinal cradle or reel holders. These are just some of standard tools that Levante produces for this lifter, but the robust chassis, which grants a capacity up to 500 kg, can be equipped with many different customized accessories to satisfy all possible inquiry.


  • min elevatore handyplus pompa timone
  • min elevatore handyplus pompa ped
  • min foot pedal pump for manual lifter Handy Plus




Compact lifter for large-sized reels

min elevatore bingo plus culla Customer: company followed by our area dealer.

Requirement: lift bulky reels of paper and cellulose having a diameter of 400 mm and length of 3000mm

Analysis: on-site inspection and analysis carried out by our area dealer..


Manual lifter to change moulds with side handling

min handy plus with slidinf roller platform Customer: engineering industry

Requirement: handle metal moulds of 150 kg both from the side and front to position them inside or extract them from machinery

Analysis: after several on-site inspections and tests carried out by out area representative together with...