Minilifter NewBingo UP: the electro-hydraulic lifter

The electro-hydraulic lifter with extra capacity and lifting height.

NewBingo UP stems from the need of our dealers to meet the increasingly frequent need for greater capacity and lifting height compared to our standard lifter, NewBingo. NewBingo UP is indeed an electric lifter fitted with a mini hydraulic control unit that guarantees a capacity up to 300 kg.

min bingo maxi duplex 2Thanks to the double mast, the accessory-holder plate reaches a height of up to 2500 mm and the lifting speed is adjusted via a roller that ensures maximum safety also with delicate loads.

The accessory-holder plate is a universal place, which means that one can mount various kinds of standard equipment or special ones customised according to the user and change them. This way we ensure a single, cost-effective and flexible solution for all the needs of each operator.

The 100% steel structure, as well as ensuring greater lifting height with the double mast, also allows for the installation of special equipment like grippers or side drum lifters whilst maintaining capacities up to 250 kg. The grippers and drum lifters can be fitted with fixed or interchangeable jaws made with various materials and shapes to ensure drums, reels or containers of various shapes and materials are picked up safely.

If a lifting height up to 2500 mm is not necessary, the NewBingo UP lifter can be supplied with a simple mast with various lifting heights from 1200 to 1700 mm.



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Safe replacement of forming tubes

min minilifter newbingoup shaping form An important Italian company that manufactures machines for packaging food and exports it all over the world, asked us to develop a system which allows to easily and safely replace the forming tubes of different sizes present in their packaging machines.


Semi electric mini lifter NewBingo UP for positioning molds

min minilifter bingoxl slg braccioCustomer: company that manufactures metal moulds for the engineering industry

Requirement: pick-up and handling of steel moulds inside machinery for production of parts for the engineering industry

Analysis: after an on-site inspection of the production area, assessed the lifting height requirements and capacity and compact spaces in which...