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Does your company need to improve its performance or increase safety in some areas of operation for handling materials? Contact us and tell us what you want to achieve!

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Levante Srl was founded in 1994 and a few years later started the in-house production of mini lifters to which this website is dedicated; machinery that has always been manufactured using components produced in Italy or Europe.

Our range of mini lifters offers a unique solution for the various needs which occur within a company. With just one machine, you can handle boxes, lift moulds, position mini pallets and a whole lot more, simply by replacing your equipment. The colour of all the mini lifters can also be customised (in addition to the standard blue RAL5005, green RAL6024 or dark grey RAL7021), so you can have lifters with frames customised for the company departments using them.

All the lifters in the Bingo Series, both the manual and electric versions, are fitted with a portable accessory-holder plate on which various standard interchangeable accessories can be mounted: forks; nylon, wood or metal platforms; single or double spurs; standard, front or pivoting cradles for reels; rollers or platforms with balls; crane arms with or without an extendable boom. 

In addition to the standard accessories, we can produce special equipment constructed to user specifications. Some examples of special productions performed in recent years are special rotators for drums or for reels with plastic cores, special equipment for coffee production and paper mills or to combine with labelling machines.

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