NewBingo: the electric lifter

The manual drive electric lifter suitable for any kind of use!

min newbingoNewBINGO is an electric forklift truck with manual propelling force. Lightweight, safe and simple to move thanks to the aluminium mast and nylon wheels, two fixed and two castor wheels with brake.

NewBINGO is a multifunction lifter that meets various requirements to handle materials, with a maximum weight of up to 200 kg. Its reduced size makes it suitable for any working environment: warehouses, shops, workshops, automated work  lanes, production departments, packaging or shipping departments and in general wherever specific materials or small parcels need to be moved around in confined spaces.

NewBingo is manufactured in four basic versions:

Capacity 100 kg and a lifting height up to 1500 mm or up to 2000 mm.
Capacity 200 kg and a lifting height up to 1500 mm or up to 2000 mm (but with capacity downgraded to 100 kg when the load is lifted up higher than 1500 mm).

NewBingo is equipped with a set of airtight batteries that do not require any maintenance. Lifting occurs by means of a worm screw activated by an electric motor, therefore, the forklift is manufactured without using any oil or lubricants.


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NewBingo is changed, now it is really NEW!!

Starting from January 2017, NewBingo is really new and its component have been up-dated to to grant you the best performance and reduce totally maintenance operations. Following all the news:

  • min old control system
  • min new control system

New Elektrosistem controller that allows the adjustment of the scale of departure (via the console) or acceleration of lifting and descent at the start of the command. 

Installation of a new H.F. (High frequency) charger with the feature of using four types of charge curves, suitable for gel battery, standard lead acid, AGM lead and lithium,  in this way it is possible to replace the batteries without also having to change the battery charger, just press a button to choose the right load curve.

  • min old switchgear
  • min new switchgear

New dashboard with new battery level indicator

  • min old battery indicator
  • min new battery indicator

New status charge indicator with integrated fork block to safeguard the batteries




All NewBingo mini lifters can be supplied with a wide range of accessories, such as:

  • FORKS to handle small pallets or crates
  • Nylon PLATFORM secured to the forks to handle moulds or small parcels and minipicking
  • A ROLLER secured onto the forks to ease moving goods onto the production lines
  • A SPUR to move the reels, bobbins or coils, also available in versions complete with nylon ROLLERS to help the reel slide along the spur. It is ideal to be used with packaging and labelling systems.
  • A CRADLE to move the bobbins, moulds, wheels or reels.
  • An ARM complete with a hook to move small suspended loads.
  • ROTO-REELS to change the position of the reel from horizontal to vertical, and vice-versa.
  • A CLAMP that turns the load 360° so that it can be positioned exactly where desired. 
forks for mini lifterForks mini lifter rollersplatform for mini lifterRoller unit for mini lifter Boom or Spur for minilifterSpur or Boom Spur with rollers for minilifterSpur with rollers
Jib with crane for mini lifterJib with crane Cradle for mini lifterCradle for mini lifter Double Spur for mini lifterDouble spur Weighing Forks for mini lifterWeighing Forks
Glass-Holder for minilifterGlass-holder Nylon platform for minilifterNylon platform Clamp for mini lifterClamp for mini lifter  
Super Spur for mini lifterSuper Spur for minilifter Roto-reel for plastic coorsRoto-reel for plastic coors Roasting equipment for minilifterRoasting equipment Reel for metal coresReel for metal cores
Rotating cradle for mini lifterRotating cradle Platform with rollers for mini lifterPlatform with rollers Platform with quick release systemPlatform with quick release system Anti-crushing system for mini lifetrAnti-crushing system
Glass holder for mini lifterGlass holder for minilifter Platform with balls for mini lifterPlatform with balls Clamp for mini lifterClamp for mini lifter  

All these standard accessories are available in various special versions, made to measure products and according to actual requirements by the user.

NewBingo is also available in an AISI 304 stainless steel version for use in sterilised areas or food sectors.

Amongst the users of our NewBingo lifter, in versions intended for their use, are, FERRERO, ACQUAPANNA (NESTLE' Group), BERETTA, HOSPITAL OF VICENZA, FINDER, PRATI, KAISER KRAFT.



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Handling PVC reels

minilifter newbingo con pinza per bobine Our dealer in Greece asked us to develop a special electric clamp for one of his best customers.

They need to move pvc reels in their production line,..


System for lifting paper rolls on pallet

min paper rolls in horizontal lines One of our dealers introduced us the need of one of his customer who has to handle paper rolls. These coils arrive positioned in horizontal rows on a pallet and the customer must be able to take them and place them on the printing machines.


NewBingo lifter with modular front cradle

stop for reels on front cradle NewBingo semi-electric mini lifter designed specifically for a leading label printing company in northwest Italy.

This Customer needed to replace an old lifter equipped with a simple platform, which is not suitable for handling reels and no longer meets the requirements of safety regulations for operators. Unfortunately, the operating spaces.....


Mini lifter semi electric NewBingo with positionner forks

Elevatore NewBingo_posizionatore_bobine Customer: automatic machine manufacturer

Need: lifter to serve an automatic machine tro allow the operator to c hange both forming tubes and reels

Analysis: after an inspection in the production area, the lifting height and capacity needs were assessed, in addition to the customer's request to be able to release ...


Effortlessly reels insertion

rotobobine con_rulli_scorrimento Customer: well-known brand of mineral water , which is part of a primary international food and beverage group 

Need: taking reels of plastic film for labels from pallets, put it vertically on pallets and insert them in a machine in a horizontal position

Analysis: the customer asked to reduce efforts for its operators, in introduction operations of the...


Rotating drums in narrow spaces

Pinza motorizzata Customer: world leading eyeglass manufacturer

Need: lifting and turning small, limited weight (about 50kg) drums by 180°

Analysis: the space dedicated to operation required a very compact machine, but the intensity of daily work suggested reducing operator strain to a minimum, thus requiring as many electric functions as possible.


NewBingo with platform with balls

minilifter ballsworktop remote control Customised version with a NewBingo semi-electric lifter with sheet metal platform entirely covered with load-bearing balls. The electric lifter is designed to handle boxes and small packages. The load-bearing balls on the entire work platform ensures packages are handled quickly and easily.