Minilifter Handy CB: with counterweights

The manual lifter with counterweights

Handy CB completes the range of manual lifters by offering the counterweight option of the same machine. Indeed, thanks to the counterweights at the rear of the forklift, the front spokes are as short as possible and one can work with overhang loads.

BINGO SC_4Handy CB is used to move and position moulds or reels in machines without ground clearance or in situations where one cannot work with the space occupied by the spokes.

This fully manual lifter fitted with a lifting winch has, like all the other models of the range, a universal plate to install the various pieces of equipment available as part of the range, such as forks, single or double spurs, gripper, roto-reels or one of the various available platforms.

Thanks to the option of working with overhang loads, this lifter is also available in custom versions with special equipment for use especially in the manufacturing industry (installation or assembly of components or packaging areas, etc.).



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Placing appliances on displays in stores

Manual counterbalanced lifter with domex platform For an important chain of household appliances where operators must place the appliances on wall displays or wooden boxes, the manual mini lifter  Handy CB counterweight lifter was immediately the ideal solution even if modifications were made to further adapt it to the various needs of use, flooring, and spaces of the various stores.