Clever for coffee production

Clever electric lifter with special equipment for forming tubes.

We have developed special equipment for the Clever electric lifter, a customised version created in collaboration with a leading manufacturer of automatic machines that package in flexible materials and capsules or pods.

Our Clever electric lifter is offered to complete their packaging machines, thus ensuring complete service to the customers, keeping a high service and safety standard for the final user. 

This special equipment is assembled on our Clever electric lifter with widened spokes and special brakes on the rear wheels that make it impossible for it to overturn. In fact, the retailer does not need to load it onto lorries but must complete its own machines with a trolley that allows the coffee machine dosing devices to be hooked, lifted and handled. 

The equipment was designed with two different types of hooks, both with eyebolts and carabiners.

min dettaglio accessorio per torreffazionedettaglio ruote clevermin supporti torrefazione sollevatore clever

The special equipment is lifted and lowered by a mobile push-button panel (or remote control) with three keys. In addition, it is equipped with a handwheel which allows the forming tube incline to be perfectly and accurately adjusted.