Handling of coils in a medical environment

min mini lifter handy specialeOne of our dealers carried out a price inspection on his client who needed a lifter for handling TNT coils and other delicate materials.

The coils are small with a maximum weight of 100 kg but must be handled in restricted and limited spaces.

It is a pharmaceutical and medical environment and the lifter will have to be used almost exclusively by female personnel, so it must be soft and easy to handle.

We have modified theHandy manual lift, reducing its elevation to 700 mm and thus also the overall dimensions at height. This has made the lifter not only as small as possible but also lighter and easier to handle.

The small size of the coils allows to reduce the length of the spokes and to mount a cradle on the forks of reduced sizes.

  • handy with winch lift and cradle for coils Mini Lifte Handy with cradle for medical coils Mini Handy Lift with Manual Hoisting Winch

When the forklift had to work in a medical environment, it was necessary to create bell protection on the wheels and rollers.

The cradle for coils initially in powder-coated steel, was then replaced with a cradle and a fork group in stainless steel AISI 304, to make the elevator compatible with the needs of hygiene and safety of the user.