Mini lifter to feed unwinding machines

During an inspection at a company that produces adhemanual mini lifter Handy with frontal cradlesive tapes and plastic films, our dealer, accompained by our agent, met the need to continuously feed the unwinding machines.

In fact the customer works in a continuous cycle and has the need to always keep his operating machinery without ever stopping them to change plastic film reels. 


  • min bobine film plastico adesivo min sbobinatore ciclo continuo

Considering that the machines for unwinding machines to be assisted are more than one and with coils of different lengths and sizes, the customer was looking for a solution that could be fine for all the machines and that was still economic.

To meet the customer's needs, we supplied four standard HANDY mini manual lifts, thus reducing costs, with four different cradles frontally welded to the forks.

  • frontal cradle for NewBingo and Handy V shaped manual mini lifter Handy for unwinding machine cradle frontal cradle for NewBingo and Handy V shaped

The cradles have different lengths from 900 to 1350 mm, so you can enslave the different machines, with the reels of different lengths. 

In this way, the operator can have a mini lifter with the cradle best suited to the reel format used near each machine, or nearly so.

  • Frontal cradle for unwinding machines reel holder welded on forks

This system ensures the handling of new reels and cores without any effort for the user and in maximum safety, as each reel is moved with the respective equipment.