Lifter for frontal emptying of drums

min elevatore newbingo pinza rotazione fustiThe NewBingo 200.2 is equipped with a semi-electric gripper for the front rotation of the shaft.

The plastic drums are not very robust, for this reason, a clamp with manual closing is preferred so that the operator can tighten the stem to the right point without deforming it. 

The knob mounted on the gearbox allows the operator to open and close the gripper without any effort.

  • min dettaglio ferma fusto aperto min dettaglio ferma fusto chiuso

The front strip placed in front of the drum allows it to have a support surface during emptying and prevents the bin from slipping out during the transfer operation.

  • min minilifter newbingo pinza rotazione fusti min pulsantiera controllo sollevamento min volanti per rotazione frontale

The remote control allows the operator to overturn the drum inside the container or hopper while staying away from the unloading area and be able to work in this way in total safety.