How can I charge it?

NewBingo is equipped with an integrated battery charger and a coiled cable that you connect to the mains on one side and to the socket located on the forklift on the other. Put the key in the ON position and leave the forklift at a standstill for about 4 hours. The battery charger is automatic; as such, as soon as you plug it in, it will immediately read the battery status and then it will begin the charging cycle. Should it be disconnected before having finished, the next time it is reconnected, it will start the charging cycle over, doing a new reading of the battery status. Remember not to allow the batteries to discharge excessively and we recommend charging the forklift when the yellow LED on the battery charge indicator comes on in order to keep the batteries in optimal conditions. In the event of long forklift downtimes, be sure to still run a charging cycle once a week.