I have to place the coils into a machine for vacuum packing , how can I do ?

The customer needs to horizontally position reels 600x500x50 kg inside a vacuum packaging machine. The machine has no available spaces where to insert the fixed spokes. The reel is equipped with a support inside the core. The machine takes up almost the entire room it is installed in, and has maximum available handling height of 1800 mm

We offered NEWBINGO 200 in a customised version with elevation up to 1420 mm, overall upright dimension 1750 mm, capacity 50 kg, complete with 760 mm long forks, internal clearance 520 mm, suitably shaped with seats located at 50 mm from the tip to receive the pass-through pin of the reel perpendicular with respect to the forks.  The plate that holds the forks is shimmed to ensure smooth sliding of the load, even if the barycentre is moved forward. With four pivoting wheels.(Ref.14_1329/ON01)