Safe replacement of forming tubes

minilifter new bingo up special tool 048An important Italian company that manufactures machines for packaging food and exports it all over the world, asked us to develop a system which allows to easily and safely replace the forming tubes of different sizes present in their packaging machines.

The forming tubes of different sizes allow the machine to fill the food packs in various formats.

In order to satisfy this inquiry, we developed a special equipment for our NewBingo UP lifter with a long support that allows to reach the forming tube, overcoming the overall dimensions of the machine. A joystick that controls the lifting and lowering ensures maximum sensitivity in bringing the equipment to the forming tube, without risk of damage to the machine or to the lifter.

The forming tube can be taken, blocked and inclined thanks to a pair of arms controlled by an electric actuator which guarantees its stability.

min minilifter new bingo up special tool 048 min special tool with electric tilting 308 min forming tube tool minilifter

  The operator can control the engagement and movement operations of the forming tube by means of a wired electrical push-button remote control.